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  The future development of the Walled Garden

Grappenhall and Thelwall Parish Council took over responsibility for running the Garden from English Partnerships in 2005. The endowment which accompanied the handover of the Garden is intended to finance the ongoing maintenance of the Walled Garden.  However, it does not allow for substantial new investments so funding any new initiatives is, inevitably, an important consideration in deciding how the Garden will develop. 

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  The Parish Council's vision for the Garden


A peaceful moment in a busy world

The Parish Council's vision for the garden is to maintain it as a tranquil place, primarily for the peaceful enjoyment of the local community. 

It is not intended that any charge should be made for using the Pleasure Grounds, except for specific events or tours.

The Garden should be maintained in ways which preserve and enhance its historic appeal, but historical authenticity should not override its primary purpose as a relaxing oasis and community resource for today's visitor.

The profile of the Garden is likely to increase over time, both in the local community and more widely, through initiatives such as this website.  While we should welcome visitors from the wider area to share in this special place, we will aim to retain its essentially tranquil and local nature, and avoid it becoming a tourist "destination".

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  Current priorities

At this point, priorities for developing the Garden are:

Are these the right priorities?  Should we be considering additional changes?  Let us know your views.

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  The Glasshouses


Part of the greenhouse range in its current condition

The range of glasshouses along the North-East wall is extensive and impressive having been fully restored and refurbished in 2014.

The Parish Council, along with an enthusiastic team of volunteers, worked hard on a submission to the Heritage Lottery Fund for the restoration of the Victorian/Edwardian glasshouses at the walled garden which were completely derelict.

In June 2012, the Heritage Lottery Fund awarded a grant of 961,000, plus a further 95,000 in October 2013, towards the regeneration of the full run of glasshouses and back sheds and the work was completed in 2014.

The remaining funds required were sought from other grant awarding organisations and the Friends of Grappenhall Heys Walled Garden who continue to organise many events and fundraising activities at the garden. In addition to this it was agreed that some funds would be set aside from the Walled Garden Endowment Fund.

The greenhouses were restored to look as visually historically correct as possible, using a timber frame. As many of the original features as possible were restored and reused. Some of the glasshouses are now used for growing plants and running horticultural workshops, another section is used to display historical information and artefacts relating to the garden. The remaining space is used as a cafe and exhibition/community space, with a patio area in front of the cafe to provide outdoor seating. The yard area at the back of the outbuildings was levelled and resurfaced.

An experienced Architect worked with us, and a Conservation Management Plan was produced to provide the framework for the future of the garden. See the home page to view further information and the plans. Click here to see the Conservation Management Plan.

A Gazeteer, which is a photographic catalogue of the key characteristics of the garden and surroundings, was produced. This identified particular features of the pleasure garden, kitchen garden, glasshouses, fittings and site of the house, stables and drive (click to view).

A number of stakeholders were identified and a questionnaire was sent out to ask for their comments so that their views could be taken into account when formulating the plan for the restoration work.

What do you think?  Let us know your thoughts.

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