Café Opening Hours

10.00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m
Friday, Saturday & Sunday only.

Closed at all other times

ApéBars is a Cheshire based Family run Catering Business established in 2006. We pride ourselves on the quality of our produce and our service.

(The word Apé is Italian for Bee, hence the picture of a Honey Bee on our Logo)

Where possible we use the Fruit. Vegetables and Herbs from the Garden

All our food is cooked fresh to order


Breakfasts are served until midday and Breakfast Items range from a Full Gardeners Breakfast to lighter bites such as rolls and pastries.

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At midday we switch over to our Lunch menu, this then continues until the end of service. A full and quite comprehensive lunch menu is available, we also provide Gluten Free, Vegetarian and some Vegan options. During the winter month we serve different hot homemade soup, including our delicious vegetable soup with bread.

Afternoon tea

Afternoon Teas are available at the cafe. Advance booking is required and a table will be reserved for you.

Please ring 07999 619575, email us at or contact us on Facebook for further details or to make a reservation

Coffee & Hot Chocolate

We used a blend of Coffee that is provided by one of the few Coffee roasting companies in the UK, we have been using the same coffee for the last twelve years and it was originally chosen for its full flavour and lingering taste, served by trained Baristas who know their coffee.

Our Hot Chocolates are just as good!!!! Many a “WOW” has been heard as they are served!


We provide a large range of cakes, many made by our Home Baker and some from our other suppliers, whoever makes the cakes though, they have been carefully chosen, we are quite confident that they stand out as some of the best.

We also serve Hot Fresh Waffles with a range of toppings in the summer Months

Ice Cream

During late Spring and the Summer Months we serve Daresbury Dairy Farm Ice Cream.

Events & Celebrations

We do provide a bespoke service (Exclusivity, Catering and Venue Dressing) for bookings of the Café after operating hours,

Please call Donna on 07999619575 for more details

Donna, David and the ApéBars Team

Look forward to welcoming you.

Afternoon Teas are available at the cafe. Advance booking is required and a table will be reserved for you.

Please ring 07999 619575, email us at or contact us on facebook for further details or to make a reservation